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BERLiN - A new development of apartments on the Costa Brava, Playa de Aro

Costa Brava - Platja d'Aro

Expected delivery: Delivery scheduled for December 2019

From 67 m22, 3From 262.000 €

BERLiN - A new apartment development, located in one of the most privileged areas of Playa de Aro, near the centre of town, five minutes from the Port d'Aro and S'Agaró.

The communal area will have a swimming pool, as well as a children’s playground, garden, night lighting and be completely fenced.

Extras: underfloor heating, air conditioning system, a parking space and a storage room, possibility of unifying various apartments

Apartments available in this development

Built m2 m² terrace Bedrooms Price
A-Esc1-PA-1 123m2 16m2 3 440.000 € For Sale PDAP1268
A-Esc1-PA-2 150m2 60m2 3 500.000 € For Sale PDAP1319
A-Esc1-PB-1 123m2 16m2 3 355.250 € For Sale PDAP1235
A-Esc1-PB-2 74m2 8m2 2 285.600 € Reserved PDAP1236
A-Esc1-PB-3 90m2 11m2 2 314.000 € For Sale PDAP1237
A-Esc1-PB-4 89m2 11m2 2 314.650 € For Sale PDAP1238
A-Esc1-PB-5 90m2 11m2 2 295.000 € For Sale PDAP1239
A-Esc1-PP-1 123m2 16m2 3 385.700 € For Sale PDAP1252
A-Esc1-PP-2 74m2 8m2 2 305.870 € For Sale PDAP1310
A-Esc1-PP-3 90m2 11m2 2 318.000 € Reserved PDAP1254
A-Esc1-PP-4 89m2 11m2 2 324.801 € For Sale PDAP1255
A-Esc1-PP-5 90m2 11m2 2 289.800 € Reserved PDAP1256
A-Esc2-PB-1 67m2 13m2 2 251.720 € For Sale PDAP1240
A-Esc2-PB-2 68m2 13m2 2 248.000 € Reserved PDAP1241
A-Esc2-PB-3 100m2 9m2 3 360.000 € Reserved PDAP1242
A-Esc2-PP-1 67m2 13m2 2 275.100 € For Sale PDAP1257
A-Esc2-PP-2 68m2 13m2 2 275.100 € For Sale PDAP1258
A-Esc2-PP-3 100m2 9m2 3 360.000 € For Sale PDAP1259
Built m2 m² terrace Bedrooms Price
B-Esc1-PB-1 123m2 16m2 3 440.000 € For Sale PDAP1243
B-Esc1-PB-2 74m2 8m2 2 285.600 € For Sale PDAP1244
B-Esc1-PB-3 90m2 11m2 2 309.000 € For Sale PDAP1245
B-Esc1-PB-4 89m2 11m2 2 325.000 € For Sale PDAP1246
B-Esc1-PB-5 90m2 11m2 2 310.000 € For Sale PDAP1248
B-Esc1-PP-1 123m2 16m2 3 440.000 € For Sale PDAP1260
B-Esc1-PP-2 74m2 8m2 2 301.350 € For Sale PDAP1261
B-Esc1-PP-3 90m2 11m2 2 318.000 € For Sale PDAP1262
B-Esc1-PP-4 89m2 11m2 2 335.000 € For Sale PDAP1263
B-Esc1-PP-5 90m2 11m2 2 320.000 € For Sale PDAP1264
B-Esc2-PB-1 67m2 13m2 2 248.000 € Reserved PDAP1249
B-Esc2-PB-2 68m2 13m2 2 248.000 € Reserved PDAP1250
B-Esc2-PB-3 100m2 9m2 3 360.000 € For Sale PDAP1251
B-Esc2-PP-1 67m2 13m2 2 275.100 € For Sale PDAP1265
B-Esc2-PP-2 68m2 13m2 2 262.000 € On Sale PDAP1266
B-Esc2-PP-3 100m2 9m2 3 360.000 € For Sale PDAP1267


Privileged location about 600 metres from the beach . Our unrivalled location, in the heart of the Costa Brava, the beaches, the variety of boutiques, nightlife and leisure opportunities and the quality of our tourist facilities are just some of the main attractions of Playa de Aro, Castell d’Aro and S’Agaró. All of these can be enjoyed all year long, and have made us one the main destinations of the Costa Brava, and one of the most popular of the whole of the Mediterranean.

Almost 25 kilometres separate the towns of Sant Feliu de Guíxols and Palamós. However, they delimit an endless number of enchanting spots on the incomparable Costa Brava, alternating between dynamic cities such as Platja d'Aro and more secluded areas, where nature is the only focus.

Together with Barcelona & Costa Brava Sotheby's International Realty you can find your next home in front of the beaches that bathe S'Agaró, or perhaps near the Golf d'Aro Club or even on the seafront in Sant Antoni de Calonge.

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